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Bridal Weight Loss Challenges
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This is a journal for anyone wishing to look their best on their wedding day! Brides, grooms, bridesmaids, ushers, mothers of the bride, ANYONE! This is a place to post ideas, questions, tips, strategies, workouts for the day, food intake for the day, ANYTHING that will help you achieve your goal!

Well, ALMOST anything -- this is a group that will be dedicated to HEALTHFUL ideas of weight loss and/or beauty. There will be NO pro-ana discussion allowed here. Much to my disgust, there are many other LJ groups you can join for that.

In the meantime, everyone have fun! I am going to try to post daily challenges (to be posted at night before I go to bed) as well as weekly challenges to keep things new and motivated! It could be anything -- ripping out pics of bridal dresses and decorating your fridge, or renting a new workout video to try something you've never tried before, like bellydancing :)

To any new members, it'd be cool to have an intro post with basic stats, goals, and wedding date if you want!