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A change in Maid of Honor....3 months before the wedding!!! - Brides Unite!

Jul. 19th, 2006

12:06 am - A change in Maid of Honor....3 months before the wedding!!!

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So, I recently had some major changes happen in my wedding party. In May, the girl who was supposed to be my MdOH started a new job in a town a few hours north of me...And ever since, she's virtually fallen off of the face of the earth. I had to track down her phone number via her parents who live in a smaller nearby town to the town she's in. Geesh!! Anyway, when I FINALLY got ahold of her, she seemed put out to talk to me (to be fair, I think I'd just woken her up from a nap on her couch). Anyhoo, I'd told her I'd call her back in a few days to get her address, cause we were planning on doing up the invites soon. Well, when I DO call back, there's no answer...so I leave a babbling message. In the meantime, my MtOH (who lives in the same city as I do) has been trying to get ahold of her to finalize things for my Shower & Stagette. Another week or more goes by, and I start trying to get ahold her too. In discussions with my Future MIL, we realize we might need to give her the out...it seems she's not able/willing to be available anymore. So, I FINALLY get ahold her, and she says just that, that she thinks I should proceed without her. (With her new job, she's working 9-10 hours days with no extra time/energy). I confirm with her that she's asking to be set free. She apologizes and says yes. I tell her that I'd kinda figured that's where things were gonna lead. I mention that I'm planning on asking my friend Erika (whom I've been friends with since grade 10). She agrees that she'll do a great job. I ask her if I can come that weekend to grab the dress...she says her place isn't fit for company, can she please have more time to clean...I tell her I'll need to check my future MIL's schedule, as she's likely the one who'll be driving.

So I get off the phone with her and call my friend, Erika. I tell her that Susan isn't going to be able to be my MdOH anymore. She's appropriately sympathetic and such. I ask her if she'd be my MdOH. She cries when I ask her, and graciously accepts. We talk about what she'll have to pay for and such. She's excited and overjoyed. (I'm kind of annoyed at myself that I didn't just ask her last year to begin with!!)

Anyway, it occurs to me a day or so later, that I don't actually need to go to Susan's place, as the dress is at her Parents place (in the nearby town), so all I need to do is stop in at her parents place, leave a check for her, and grab the dress. So I leave a message as such. She calls me back and says that won't work either...her parents are busy/gone all weekend, her brother and SIL are gone, and she's busy the whole weekend. GRR!! I say I have to check my future MIL's schedule.

Anyway, here I am, almost 3 weeks later, and still no definitive plans on getting the dress back. My new MdOH needs to try it on, and she's bigger than Susan, so we need to see how much might need to be added on to make it work (if any!). She's just joined a gym, so that, combined with suck em in undergarments, might be all that is needed for the dress to fit her properly.

My fiancee and future in-laws today said I'm being WAYY too accomodating to Susan, that she needs to be more accomodating to me. I realize they're right. So, tomorrow night I'm gonna phone her again, and tell her (even if I have to leave it in a message) that we're planning on coming on July 30 (Sunday) to get the dress from her parents place. Susan doesn't need to be there, she just needs to make sure they know we're coming (and if not, I'll call them myself), and we'll just leave the check with her parents.

There's now less than 3 months till my wedding. I don't have time to dick around with things. My MdOH needs her dress! And if we're not going to be able to get it from Susan pretty darn quick, then we need to order another one in, and I don't know how long that would take! If this isn't figured out VERY soon, I'm going to turn into BRIDEZILLA!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my wedding woes and adventures. I hope everyone else is having a better time of things right now.



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Date:July 19th, 2006 12:52 pm (UTC)
I guess I am teh suck matron of honor, because I don't even have the dress yet and the wedding is only 3.25 months away.

Out of curiousity, if your new honor attendant is a completely different size why isn't she buying a completely different dress?
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